Does Zinc Help for Acne?

Zinc ointment for acne is a painless, non-traumatic and safe way out of such problem as rash. Such troubles are known to almost everyone, regardless of the age, sex and way of life. The scientific name of this aberration is acne. This is how the dermatologists call the sebaceous glands disease. It is manifested through the red inflammatory bundles, i.e. acne. Usually, they create painful feelings. This process also involves hair bulbs. Acne is also called “comedones”. These are the non-inflammatory black spots or their groups. They don’t hurt but significantly worsen the skin look.

At a certain age, many young people experience all the “wonders” of this disease. And it is good if over the years this problem solves itself. However, acne often “haunts” people throughout their lives, especially if they’re prone to the inflammations. One often has to spend much time and efforts to get rid of this.

There are different methods of traditional medicine for the treatment of rash. The modern world of cosmetics and pharmaceutics offers a wide range of methods and ways of treating acne. Different masks, scrubs, creams, purifying tonics and hormonal mixtures flooded the shelves of stores and pharmacies. People are ready for anything to become more beautiful and look better. They spend a lot of money, but the result doesn’t always meet the expectations. But there is a way out, which lies in the use of simple, cheap and affordable drug– zinc ointment.

Properties and Features of the Ointment

The effectiveness of zinc can’t be overestimated. It is one of the most important components of many cosmetic products, intended for face and body care. The oily skin is prone to different inflammations. Therefore, these drugs are intended for the people with problem skin.

The 30th element of the periodic table was discovered in the XVI century, but its healing and anti-inflammatory effect has become known many millennia ago. Zinc ointment was used by Egyptians for the fast healing of wounds. Beautiful Cleopatra was famous for its soft, firm and velvety skin, due to the taking the bath, prepared according to the special recipe. She liked the mixture with the mule milk. This product is saturated with zinc.

It is no exaggeration to say that zinc is the mineral of beauty and health. It provides tissue respiration, production of collagen, protects your skin from aging and makes it elastic and smooth. But the main function of this element is the normalization of fat metabolism. It prevents acne by regulating the secretion of sebaceous glands. The 30th element stimulates cell division, so that your tissues grow faster, and your skin looks healthy and well-attended.

Zinc soothes the skin and has an antibacterial effect. If you read the composition of creams and gels for baby care, you can often find zinc in the list of substances used. When used constantly, zinc ointment helps to reduce the secretion of sebaceous glands, dry and shorten the inflammatory process, and significantly reduce reddening.

The stimulation of regenerative processes and reducing the time of the recovery period make it an irreplaceable assistant in the fight against the problem parts of epidermis. After discovering acne on your face, its use will have not only extracting effect, but also speed up the maturation and appearance of acne. You should buy the ointment if you have intertrigo, sweat or dermatitis.

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