What is Omnicef Used For?

Omnicef is used for the treatment of some bacterial infections, for example bronchitis (inflammation of the bronchi); lung inflammation; various skin, ear, nasal and gland infections. This drug belongs to the group of cephalosporin antibiotics as minocycline. It has an anti-bacterial effect. Omnicef is not effective against colds, grippe and, or other viral infections. When … [Read more…]

Cefdinir: How It Works for Skincare

The introduction of Cefdinir in the clinical practice expands the technological possibilities of the treatment of acute respiratory tract bacterial infections and urinary tract infections in children. What’s so special about this new technology – the use of Cefdinir? The active substance is Cefdinir – semi-synthetic broad-spectrum cephalosporin antibiotic of the third generation for oral … [Read more…]

Some Facts About Mupirocin Cream

Mupirocin is a natural antibiotic, which is a derivative of carbon monoxide acid for local application. The development of the drug involves the use of Pseudomonas fluorescens excreta. Pharmacological properties Mupirocin is a natural antibiotic, which is a derivative of carbon monoxide acid with a limited range of action. The drug has both antibacterial and … [Read more…]

How to Use Mupirocin for Acne

Perhaps, nothing causes such a great mental suffering to so many young people, as acne. Unfortunately, acne disease usually affects people in the most romantic period of their life. According to the medical journals, only 10 % of young people manage to bypass puberty and keep their skin clean. Causes of Acne It is known … [Read more…]

Best Antibiotics for Acne

Bacteria are among the known reasons for acne. They make one component of the rubble (along with sebum and dead skin cells) that clog follicles to trigger pimples. Not all microorganisms cause acne. The truth is, just a few are known to trigger this skin problem. The most well-known is Propionibacterium acnes. Like microorganisms, there … [Read more…]